pars pro toto

Landing of Columbus on the Islands of Guanahani, October 12th, 1492 / on board between island Tinos and island Andros, view of island Gyaros, March 28th, 2015, 2015

(pebbles-worms) - an extraordinary incident, 2014

"(pebbles-worms) - an extraordinary incident" took place in the Körnerpark park among the streets of Jonasstraße, Schierker Straße, Selkestraße und Wittmannsdorfer Straße in the district of Neukölln in Berlin. Four informative plates that are placed at the four distinct entrances of the park bear the titles of the chapters of Dostoyevsky’s homonymous short story, The Crocodile. Their placing, as an occasional detail, attempts to re-narrate the history of the place and to modify the balances of the walk.