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H καλύβα της αντί-[στασης], 2014

Am Henkerhaus 1, 16321, 2014 in collaboration with Malvina Panagiotidi
Henkerhaus, Museum of the city of Bernau, Berlin

The project “Am Henkerhaus 1, 16321” was a multimedia installation in the central exhibition space in the Hangman’s House - Museum of the city of Bernau (Henkerhaus-Heimatmuseum der Stadt Bernau) and is a contemporary allegory, which investigates the phenomenon of the witch hunt, its actuality and cultural transformations. The witch hunt took place during the 16th and 17th centuries more extensively in Germany and in other european states and the city of Bernau is part of its history. The witch hunt as a phenomenon presents great interest as it is linked directly to the constellation of early modern Europe and its analysis reveals the social and cultural aspects of the emerging modernity and the development processes of early capitalism. What do the witches embody?