Giannis Delagrammatikas

Born 1982
Lives and works in Athens

2013-2016 University of the Arts Berlin, MA ''Art in Context''        
2006-2012 Athens School of Fine Arts–Painting department (Prof.Giannis Psychopedis)
2010-2011 Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp, Belgium - “In situ3” department 
2000-2005 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-Archeology and History of Art

He is a founding member of the artist group Campus Novel

Where * is a project with Campus Novel.

Scholarships and awards: 
ARTWORKS - SNF Artist Fellowship Program
Vikatos Schollarship for Master Studies
2010 - 2011
Greek State Scholarship Foundation(Erasmus)

Selected group exhibitions:
Five perspectives, Kappatos gallery, Athens, GR
Duo Solo Exh. Der Standpunkt war nur ein Aussichtspunkt, Stadtgalerie PROGR Bern, Bern, CH
Unexpected Guests, apothiki gallery/Paros Festival, Paros, GR
Nothing special: just poetics of becoming, cheap art, Athens, GR
Homo Sportivus, House of Cyprus, Athens, GR*
Slower, Smaller,Weaker, Olympic Village(I.G.M.E.), Athens, GR*
The Mandela Effect, Cheapart, Athens, GR (curator Alexandros Platis)
VOLUMES, Independent Art Publishing Fair-ZurichHelmhaus, Zurich, CH*
the symptom 08 / "Tourism", Former Hospital of Amfissa, Amfissa, GR (curator Elpida Karampa/ Glykeria Stathopoulou)
KIOSK – KSOIK, A-Letheia project and Snehta Residency for Documenta 14, Fokionos Negri & Eptanisou, Athens, GR*
buca #17, Yellow Brick, Athens, GR*
the willingness to revisit, Archaeological Dialogues 2017-Ioannina,Ioannina, GR
The Ever-Garden Effect, Campus Novel and Barbara Marcel, Platforms Project 2017, Athens, GR*
Rezeptionsästhetik, SNEHTA, Athens, GR*
IF IT SOUNDS LIKE BACON YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT/ One window / One grid, A-DASH Project Space, Athens, GR*
Yellow Brick-Studio Welcome, Yellow Brick, Athens, GR
Nothing special: Just not Opium- CONCORDAT, Cheapart, Athens, GR (curator Guram Chachanidze)
Rundgang UDK 2016, Udk, Berlin, DE
DADAderlaDADA-100 Jahre DADA (98 in Berlin)studio Berten, Berlin, DE
4 May | N 36° 72′54″, Ε 24°44′33″, Bomb Shelter Adamas, Milos, GR*
Archiving Topologies, Synapsis 2, Athens Biennale OMONOIA AB5 TO 6, Athens, GR*
NICE! A poetic exploration about the possibility of return, of memory, homeland and loss, Cultural Center Nikaia Municipality/ Manos Loizos, Athens, GR* (curator Salon de Vortex)
Letters to the Mayor: Athens, metamatic:taf, Athens, GR*(curating METASITU & metamatic:taf)
(I heard it) through the Grapevine, Synapsis 1, Athens Biennale OMONOIA AB5 TO 6, Athens, GR*
"It's all Greek to me"Hallway Galleries - Artscape Youngplace, Toronto, CA* (curators Artemis Potamianou and Julie René de Cotret)
A Monument for the First Gay Emancipation Movement, HKW, Berlin, DE
Deferred action: adaptations of artistic radicalism, ISET, Athens, GR* (curator Kostis Stafylakis)
graduating class 2011-2012, Nikos Kessanlis Exh. Venue, Athens, GR (curator Christoforos Marinos)
Curious Artefacts, The ArtWall, Athens, GR (curator Becky Campbell) 
Calliope - or how a public square can fit into a public urinal, Das KloHäuschen,München, DE*
Local / Focal / Fluctuant, the Bookshop-projectspace, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, IS*
Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms, Kornilakis building (Industrial Museum of Syros), Syros, GR* (research/planning/curating Campus Novel )
Invisible governments: “Gnosis” as a state of the self, Circuits and Currents, Athens, GR* (curator Kostis Stafylakis)
ANAPLASIS, Art-Athina 2015, Campus Novel in Platform Project, Athens, GR*
BLASTED, BETON 7, Athens, GR*, (curator Zara Audiello)
Babel Fragment: Revisited, matematic: Taf, Athens, GR*, (curator Alexis Fidetzis)
Setting, SNEHTA Residency, Athens, GR*, (curator Becky Campbell)
Η ελάχιστη δομή-Σκηνές της καλύβας, ΡΟΜΑΝΤΣΟ, Athens, GR, (curator Apostolis Artinos)
Am Henkerhaus 1, 16321, Heimatsmuseum der Stadt Bernau, Berlin, DE
Another Athens, SpartAn/SNEHTA/interviewroom11, Edinburgh,UK and Athens, GR*
Public Domain, milkshakagency, Genève, CH* 
Monte Verita, Art-Athina 2014, Campus Novel in Platform Project, Athens, GR*
(the) heavy page,metamatic:taf, Campus Novel, Athens, GR*
Hypnodrones - sleep deviations, Back to Athens, Hotel Pindaros, Campus Novel, Athens, GR*
Collective Authorship4th Athens Biennale Agora, Athens, GR*
Ο Θεός να το κάμει sketch, in Gavrielides publishing House, Athens, GR (curator Giannis Psychopaidis)
Πηγές / Springs and sourcesPrimary School of Apoikia, Andros, GR*
old is gold, Labor für urbanes Leben, 48 Stunden Neukölln ''Perspektivwechsel'', Berlin, DE
Μιλώντας για το μέλλονMelina Merkouri Foundation, Athens, GR
Direct Action 2013, Month of Performance Art –Berlin, Abteilung Für Alles Andere, Berlin, DE*
Black MariaSalon de Vortex @ Cheapart, Athens, GR*
12 Emerging Artists, vol.7, Melina Merkouri Foundation, Athens, GR
domestic crisisInstitut für Alles Mögliche,Berlin, DE*
ParalogiBRDG, Antwerp, BE*
Studios, metamatic:taf, Athens,GR
Old Masters, New Partners, Platonos 36-Galatsi, Athens, GR*
One day’s residency, Embros Theatre, Athens,GR
On Odysseus Elytis poetry, House of Cyprus, Athens,GR (curator Giannis Psychopaidis)
Action Field Kodra 2011, 11th Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki,GR
XV Biennale de la Mediterranee – Symbiosis ?,Thessaloniki / Rome,GR/IT
in practice, 10th Elementary School Byron, Athens,GR
Return, Wintertuin van de Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten,Antwerp,BE
Exiles, House of Cyprus, Athens,GR (curator Giannis Psychopaidis)
Psyche -Bipolarity in Art,University Institute of Research in Mental Health Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens,GR
Surprise 2!, art space Techopolis, Municipal of Athens, Athens,GR
In-Mortal, project space Skouze 3, Athens,GR
Theatre of Anoixis, Metaxourgeio, Athens,GR
7 new artists, gallery Pontoporos,Paros,GR
Real Presence 2009, House of Legacy Belgrade,SRB
Continue, EPASKT,Athens,GR
Bob Theatre Festival ’09, Theatre Xora,Athens,GR
Dairies of Fire, art space Melina, Municipal of Athens, Athens,GR 

Participation/ Residency/ Workshop/ Presentation/ Curation:

lectures about artistic research, TWIXTlab, Athens, GR*
Dialogues in Archeology 2018 - Cities/Urban Landscapes, 4TH Meeting 31/5 – 3/6/2018, Athens, GR*
Participation to Raphael Vella, Arcipelagu, 2018, installation with contributions by 33 participants at St Elmo examination centre, Valletta, The Island is what the Sea Surrounds, Valletta 2018, MT
stock scenery, urban experience and reenactments, lecture Campus Novel, sculpture department, university of Ioannina, Ioannina, GR*
Utopic Thinking/ "Continuum -Günther L. Eckert" symposium, Oggiogno, IT
"Ruinous pasts, presents (and futures?)" with Eleana Yalouri, research project Learning from documenta, Athens School of Fine Arts/Prevelaki Hall, Athens, GR*
Counter-hierarchies, lecture Campus Novel, art/architecture in the public sphere, department of architecture | university of Patras, Patra, GR*
A Monument for the First Gay Emancipation Movement, Berlin, DE (designs developed, exhibition curation) a project organized by the Insitut für Kunst im Kontext, University of the Arts Berlin and the Lesbians and Gay Federation Berlin Brandenburg
Campus Novel in residency Sept 2015, Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, Seydisfjordur, IS*
workshop Luminous Flux/ Reflected overlays on locative norms, Syros Institute, Syros, GR* (research/planning/curating Campus Novel )
OctoApps, Autonomous Peoples Pneumatic Systems-Labour, with Telekommunisten, Athens, GR* 
Slow festival- Celebrating slow timeon the patio of Bread&Roses, Panepistimiou street  64, Omonoia, Athens, GR*
Πηγές / Springs and sourcesPrimary School of Apoikia, Andros, GR* (co-curating with Leda Kazantzaki) 
Aesthetic – Responsibility – DronesMigrating Art Academies, in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Weissensee Art Academy Berlin and Top association in Berlin, Weissensee Art Academy Berlin, DE*
Campus Novel in Residency-Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin,DE*
The Long Now, ASFA Graphic Arts department in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts, Antwerp, Belgium(Yiannis Papadopoulos,Niko Dockx, Thomas Crombez), Athens, GR
Extra People, as member of Campus Novel group, occupied Empros Theater,Athens,GR*
Athens Biennial 3 - Monodrome - Participation in the Human Jukebox Shuffle performance, Athens,GR
Symptom Project 2, as a member of Totem group, in the tannery workshops of Amfissa,GR (curators Apostolis Artinos, Margarita Kataga)
week project in practice with the students of 10th Elementary School Byron, Athens,GR
workshop Drachmas project, Athens, GR
Athens Voice edition 342 from the design class of Athens School of Fine Art ,GR
Bbox project as a member of Totem group, Bbox art space, Athens,GR 
workshop public art with “In situ3”,Wenduine/ Ardennes ,BE
Performance K.E.P.A., 6th Universiade Theatre, Serres,GR
workshop logotype design with Cees de Jong, Grafic design class of Athens School of Fine Art,GR
workshop Real Presence, Legacy House, Belgrade, SRB (curators Biljana Tomic, Dobrila Denegri)


Aus dem Kontext, Masterarbeiten im Studiengang Art in Context2015/2016, Udk, Berlin, DE
Η ελάχιστη δομή-Σκηνές της καλύβας, text by Apostolis Artinos
AYGI newspaper 03/02/2013 text by Leda Kazantzaki
Harmonie 2(* **** ** * ** snow), free magazine, Antwerp,BE
XV Biennale de la Mediterranee – Symbiosis ?,Thessaloniki / Rome,GR/IT
Harmonie 1(I feel just like a child), free magazine, Antwerp,BE